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Linlithgow Buckle
....Copper alloy buckle of Romanesque style and of 12th- or 13th-century date excavated in 1966 by the late Doreen Hunter at 324 High Street, Linlithgow.
...............© SUAT. Illustration by Dave Munro.......... ......

Funding research into the history and archaeology of the Middle Ages in Scotland.

Grants are available for many different kinds of projects including:

Research Fieldwork including excavation and campaigns of fieldwork carried out over one or several seasons. In exceptional circumstances payment of fees for a professional free-lance director may be made, in addition to travel and subsistence.

Employment of temporary research assistants and technical staff or other specialists to work on the writing-up of field results preparatory to publication.

Support for scholars and independent researchers especially post-doctoral students in carrying out research and fieldwork, for publication and attendance at conferences in special cases.

Grants in aid of publication of syntheses or survey papers relating to the period and area of the Trust's interests.

Established by the late Doreen Hunter to promote study and research into the history and archaeology of Scotland from the end of the Roman period: c.400-1400 AD